// Welcome to Scraplands AU/NZ

Scraplands Solo Duo Trio Server was created by a dedicated and experienced team of Rust Admins.
Our aim is to provide players with an environment free from hackers and toxicity.

Wipe Cycle Information

●  Map Wipes Weekly      - Last: 03/12 - Next: 10/12
●  Blueprints Fortnightly - Last: 03/12 - Next: 17/12

Group Rules
●  Max group size = THREE.
●  Players are not permitted to sell/gift bases or form alliances.
●  Groups can be friendly toward other groups/players, cannot raid or roam together.
●  Groups may substitute/swap one player from their group once per wipe, notify staff first.
●  Breaking group limits will result in that group being banned for 14 days.
●  Break our group limit a second time and be banned permanently.

Trading Guidelines 
●  Trading/Gifting loot
must be done via vending machine or shopfronts, inside the Outpost/Bandit Camp.
●  Groups are not permitted to bag-in or allow other players in their base to craft items or to trade.

Cheating & Toxicity
●  Use hacks, scripts or exploits to gain an unfair advantage over other players, banned.
●  Found in a group with a hacker, banned for the remainder of the wipe.
●  Being overly toxic, racist or spamming in chat will result in a mute or a ban.
●  Suspect a hacker or group larger than three, use the in-game /report command.

Click here to connect directly to the server.

Official Links: Discord ● Twitter ● Facebook ● Steam ●

// This Wipes Kills
MarlinAU 36
Swauhzy#2510 27
AntiFoulingPaint 26
Nelson's Erection 26
Jaydu 26
// This Wipes Deaths
r.feltis15 33
Stimulated_Snail 24
ratfuck 20
Swauhzy#2510 19
Jav 17

Latest News

// MLRS & Desert Base Update
This month the devs have added a fully procedural Military base containing MLRS equipment, these will be different on every server, every wipe. They are built from a pool of individual modules and fill four different templates. Each has a few points of entry, regular loot with a sprinkle of oil and you will face some resistance from scientists. [read more]
// Missions Update
Today we see the first iteration of the new mission system in Rust. You are now able to speak to various NPCs found around the world and receive a list of objectives you must complete in exchange for a reward. This first pass of missions are geared more towards players just getting started but the system is capable of much more. We will be expanding on this in the coming months to include PvP missions (capture and hold, delivery, ambush) and eventually even bounty hunting. [read more]
// Going Deep Update
This month's update brings Procedural Underwater Labs, Submarines, Torpedoes, Fishing, Sharks, Speargun, Updated underwater Ambience and much more! The new underwater labs are fully procedural dungeons that reside on the ocean floor. [read more]
// Wounding Update & Voice Props DLC
Crawling is now your first stop when entering a wounded state. Instead of being immobilized immediately, wounded players will be able to crawl around slowly for a period of time. There have also been several shifts to how wounding overall works. Here is a summary of the key changes: [read more]
// World Revamp
The crown jewel of the update, literally 2 years in the making, the HDRP Art Backport project goes live today! Originally started in May 2019, the HDRP branch aimed to transition much of the visual effects of Rust over to the spiffy new High Definition Render Pipeline courtesy of Unity (the underlying engine of the game). Sporting high fidelity VFX at a fraction of the cost to your GPU, this functionality stood to make the game look much better while improving performance. [read more]
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// Server Information
Players Online: 15/150
Entity Count: 75211
Uptime: 03d 15h 40m
Wiped: 3 Dec 2021, 09:09:00
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